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Europium Metal
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Europium is a silvery-white metal that will ignite in air at about 150 °C to 180 °C. The metal is soft, very ductile, and the most reactive of the rare-earth metals. The element has two valence states,+2 and +3, and is divalent in the metallic state. Europium metal has a body centered cubic structure, a density of 5.259 gm/cm3, a melting point of 826 °C,and a boiling point of 1439 °C. Europium oxide, or europia, occurs as a sesquioxide with the formula Eu2O3, however it will readily form divalent compounds. The trivalent oxide is a light-pink powder with a specific gravity of 7.30 gm/cm3, a melting point of 2350 °C and a formula weight of 351.92. The oxide is hygroscopic and will readily absorb moisture and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Europium is the most reactive of the rare earth elements. It rapidly oxidizes in air: bulk oxidation of a centimeter-sized sample occurs within several days. It resembles calcium in its reaction with water. Europium is used as a phosphor in all TVs and computer screens to create red and blue light, and when combined with greenTerbium phosphors, trichromatic fluorescent lighting is created. Europium isotopes are the best known neutron absorbers and therefore the element is ideal for control rods in nuclear reactors. The element is also used influorescent light bulbs, alloys, as an agent in fluorescent glass, and to dope plastic and glass to make lasers. Purity: Eu/TREM = 99.99% min Packing: In iron drums with inner double PVC bags of 100kg net each, or packed according to customers' specifications.
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